Analogue Inputs: 3ch 10bits AD. 0-20mA / 4-20mA. (0-10V optional)

Average calculation: 10min, 5min, 1min, 30sec, 10sec, 1.5sec, 0.3sec or direct.

Decals: Decal with units is free of charge when ordered. For example:(st, kg, ton, %, °C, pcs)

Measurement range: The range is normally set from factory with the information given by customer.The range can be set easily at anytime.Some standard ranges can be applied directly to fit standard sensor response.

Power supply: 12-24VAC. Microbus power supply provides galvanic separation.

Working temperature: -40°C – +70°C. If starting up from minus degrees, please let the unit heat up 15min first before use. A restart can be necessary.

IP-class: Default IP51.Higher class can be set from factory on request.

Datenblätter und Infomaterial